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Enjoy every moment of HKICC 2018!

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Congratulations to the following universities:

Champion: University of Southern California

1st Runner-up: Indiana University

2nd Runner-up: Nanyang Technological University

Finalist: Korea University

Best Presenter: Ms. Adrienne Suhm (University of Southern California)

Welcome All the Teams to HKICC 2018

Welcome all the teams to HKICC 2018. 

In order to ensure anonymity of the teams and impartiality of the judges, each team will be represented by a consulting name. The consulting name of the teams are (in alphabetical order):


Apex Consulting

Clear Water Baes

Everest Consulting


JDR Consulting

Jet Advisory

Peak Consulting


Real Consulting

Sapphire Consulting

Sunrise Solutions

Team Work

The Gintonics

The Stockholders

Young Pine Tree 


Let’s welcome all the teams again and cheer them on! 

New "Schedule of Events" (updated on 03 Oct 2018)

Here is our latest "Schedule of Events" and please click the following link to download.

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