Useful Information


Please click here to complete the "Expression of Interest" online form and the organizing committee will invite the selected business schools by email in March/April every year.
Please refer to Presentation Schedule, Rules and Format.
HKICC does not open for individual application. The Competition is open to full-time undergraduates of the participating university, majoring in any business-related programs, who meet the following criteria:

  • For students on the European University System: A student currently studying in or before the 3rd year of maximum three years of specialized business education
  • For students on the US system: A student currently studying in or before the 4th year of maximum 4 years of undergraduate study
  • Has a full-time course load at the time of the competition
  • Majors in business-related programs
  • Is registered at his/her school
  • Participants cannot have participated in HKICC (i.e. CICC) in previous years
Teams will receive a Kick-off business case and have 3 hours for preparation on Oct 22 (Mon). The Kick-off Case presentation will be held on the same day. A Main business case will be delivered to teams on Oct 23 (Tue) and each team will have 22 hours to research, analyze, and provide recommendations to the panel of judges for consideration. Division Round of the competition will be held on Oct 24 (Wed) while Challenger Round and Final Presentations will be made on Oct 25 (Thu). Teams will check out on Oct 26 (Fri).
Teams MUST bring their own laptops. Backup laptops and/or laptop equipment will NOT be provided, and HKUST will NOT provide any technical support for team laptops. Teams have to bring stationery for their own use.
Computer/laptop, a wireless microphone and a PowerPoint presenter will be provided in the competition venues. Teams should use the equipment provided for their presentations.
The Kick-off Case Presentation and the Division Round Presentation will be open to all Faculty Advisors of the participating teams but no external audience is allowed while the debriefing session afterwards will be open to respective Faculty Advisors only. The Challenge Round Presentation is open to Faculty Advisors and the HKUST community but is closed to all HKICC participating student teams. The Final Presentation will be open to public.
The dress code for all presentations should be business attire. The dress code for other events and activities could be found in the latest "Schedule of Events" of our website.
Teams should make preparation for the presentation in their own rooms/preparation rooms provided. It is stressed that teams have to work on their own after receiving the case and discussion of the case with outside sources, advisors, faculties, or any parties other than their teammates are NOT permitted.
Advisors should help advise/coach/train their teams before the competition. However, they are not allowed to communicate with teams in any form during the case preparation and presentations. For finalist teams, advisors and teams can only resume communication after the Final Presentation.
No. The registration fee generally covers the on-campus accommodation, part of the local transportation fees and meals allowance for the FOUR participants and ONE faculty advisor for 6 nights. Also, only one faculty advisor in each team will be allowed to join the participating students in designated events or activities.
Past cases could be found at HKICC website.
The registration fee generally covers the on-campus accommodation, part of the local transportation fees and meals allowance for the FOUR participants and ONE faculty advisor for 6 nights.
Early check-in and late check-out not exceeding TWO DAYS BEFORE AND AFTER the competition event are allowed and at team's own cost, subject to room availability at the Conference Lodge. (Note: the total number of nights in early check-in and late check-out period should not exceed two nights). No off-campus accommodation will be arranged. Please contact the HKICC Organizing Committee for further assistance.
HKICC Organizing Committee will provide necessary information and documents to facilitate teams' visa application to Hong Kong. Teams that require HKICC Organizing Committee's help in visa applications should send their requests at least one month before the competition.
There would be NO pick-up service for participating teams. However, teams can always refer to the HKICC for information about transportation. An address card will also be provided beforehand. In case teams experience any difficulties in transferring from the airport to the competition venue, they are welcome to contact the HKICC Organizing Committee or their respective Team Buddy for help.