Past Competitions

Past Competitions 2018


University of Southern California, USA

First Runner-up
Indiana University, USA

Second Runner-up
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Korea University, Korea

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Kick-off Case
Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd.

SOGO Department Store, Hong Kong: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into a Retail Store’s Operations

Main Case
Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd.

SOGO: Leveraging Digital Technologies to Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Growth

Participating 2018

Asia Pacific

  • Korea University, Korea
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia 
  • Thammasat University, Thailand
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKSAR


  • Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
  • Maastricht University, The Netherlands

North America

  • Indiana University, USA
  • Queen's University, Canada
  • The University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA 
  • University of South Carolina, USA
  • University of Southern California, USA
  • University of Washington, USA